March – May Mesocycle

Why pay for a Personal Trainer when you can just switch up your workouts with me at 8:30.  The Mesocycle program phases eliminate training plateaus and keep you moving toward the goals in mind.

Explanations of the different formats

-What is HIIT? HIIT stands for High Intensity Interval Training. What does all . . . → Read More: March – May Mesocycle

Xtend Barre Founder Andrea Rogers: How Her Plan Sets the Bar

The Xtend Barre Workout has been getting lots of press these days — and for good reason! One of the newest darlings of the ballet barre circuit, Xtend Barre has fresh choreography with every class that both experienced dancers and ladies with two left feet can perform with grace. I recently chatted with the . . . → Read More: Xtend Barre Founder Andrea Rogers: How Her Plan Sets the Bar

Helping students pass the

Barre workouts, based on ballet training, are designed to burn fat and sculpt muscles.  VFusion Studio is the Xtend Barre expert in the Western Suburbs.  They offer the most effective Barre workout, focused on sculpting the body proportionally with the use of a ballet barre, playground balls, handheld weights, and yoga straps.   V Fusion . . . → Read More: Helping students pass the “Barre” exam

How Xtend barre help me transform my body

I am writing this as a woman who has just had 2 children in the past 2 years and also as a physical therapist working with patients who have general orthopedic dysfunctions as well as men and women with pelvic floor dysfunctions. So, after having my children, I had thought that my abs and . . . → Read More: How Xtend barre help me transform my body

How Xtend barre has helped me…..

Since having a baby three years ago, I have not been able to find an exercise regimen that has transformed my body the way Vicky’s Xtend barre classes have. Vicky’s classes challenge my body in so many ways, through using my own body resistance along with light weights and the ballet bar to help . . . → Read More: How Xtend barre has helped me…..

Kicking for a Cause!

Kick-A-Thon was conceived in 1994.  The original intent was to raise funds for the Drill Team.  The idea was to pledge money “per kick.”  The next step was to ask community members, parents, friends, and others to “partner” with the Drill Team as they formed an extended kick line and kicked 100 times.  It . . . → Read More: Kicking for a Cause!

Here's to a life worth watching...

Can you believe it’s already the end of January?  So, how is your New Year thus far?  For most of us it is a time to get back in shape, loose the same 10 pounds, and work on all the things that weren’t accomplished last year….. Well, this year do something different choose a new path- something that . . . → Read More: Here’s to a life worth watching…

Xtend barre stick workout - new in 2013

This year we will be adding a new class – Xtend barre with a stick!!  Check out the new video on what will be coming to our studio sometime this year! 

The Xtend Barre Stick is a 55 minute workout that utilizes the Pilates Stick attached to the ballet barre to add resistance to . . . → Read More: Xtend barre stick workout – new in 2013

Xtend Barre Success story!

Since April 23 (that’s ONLY 45 days!!!) I’ve lost 20 pounds and 21 inches!!!!! Each week I just keep losing more.  Even on days when I don’t necessarily feel like working out, you and the other instructors always welcome me with a smile and my attitude automatically switched to “you can do this!”

I . . . → Read More: Xtend Barre Success story!

We try out Xtend Barre classes

Promising to provide all-over body definition, Kate Birch relives her balletic youth at this ballet-inspired fitness class

What is it?

A calorie-burning fusion of ballet, Pilates and weights, Xtend Barre has been designed to give you a dancer’s body without bulking up. Dubai-based instructor Liz Verheyden says it keeps the five basic principles . . . → Read More: We try out Xtend Barre classes