At V Fusion Studio we offer a full variety of classes, some that have never been offered in the TriCities – Geneva, St. Charles, Batavia area;  premier workouts that are fresh, exciting and NEW!  Our current classes include:

V Fusion Barre is a high energy barre class that blasts maximum calories with dynamic cardio intervals to break up the Barre exercises and flush out the lactic acid build that occurs with isometric movement.  Intermediate –Advanced classes have more dance cardio intervals and harder ballet position and holds throughout the class.  Beginner will learn ballet positions, barre lingo, and introduce cardio dance transitions at a slower pace than the more advanced versions.

Volée Method™ is our Studio’s original Suspended Barre Class with exercises choreographed by Owners Rachel Kowal and Victoria Waterman.  This class is truly a melting pot for anyone who likes barre, TRX, Pilates, and dance. Because there is no impact on the joints, it is appropriate for any age and fitness level.

RK Method– Suspension training with a flow.  RK Method was created by Rachel Kowal to flow suspension classes with no down time adjusting straps.  RK Method uses creative non-impact cardio intense movements using the straps give you the high calorie burn rather than the generic high impact bounding movements that are usually associated with other suspension programs.  This class will give you deep core strength, and maximum muscular endurance no matter what level.  No impact to joints, no bounding.

Bare Foot Boot Camp – A new look to an old modality.  Because we pride ourselves on having no impact to joints while getting intense workouts we took our boot camp to a whole new level by taking off our shoes.  This class is a body weight class that uses work and rest intervals to revamp your metabolism.

Restorative Matwork Barre – Get off those feet for floor work.  Focus on flexibility and range of motion mostly in the hips. Trigger point work in the glutes and hip flexors and roll the feet facia.

Rolling, Trigger Point, Stretching – This class is free for customers to the studio to recover from the hard workouts throughout the week.

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