Rachel Kowal

IMG_9659As a child, Rachel was a competitive gymnast.  She excelled at floor and uneven bars.  She also spent many years as a cheerleader.  The enthusiasm for fitness and being active continued on and she was a volunteer group fitness instructor at the local YMCA from 1999-2001.

Rachel originally had planned on being an accountant, but after receiving an Associated Degree in Accounting from Sauk Community College, she decided that her passion for helping people lose weight was a better fit.  Shortly after, Rachel transferred to NIU to study Exercise Physiology and completing her ACE Personal Trainer Certificate.  She has also received other certifications in TRX and Flirty Girl Fitness.

Today, Rachel is married with two young girls.  She also is an independent personal trainer working with clients one on one, and also small group fitness classes such as TRX.  Rachel has been successful in helping many people achieve their fitness goals whether they are losing weight, lowering blood pressure, or just feeling stronger inside and out.

Five years ago I discovered TRX. I attended a fitness conference and decided to get certified in this strange piece of equipment that sparked my interest.  Little did I know that day would change my life forever.  I  began training myself with it and quickly realized it was correcting all the imbalances within my body. My new rock solid core was the answer to my low back pain and brought my fitness to a whole new level. I knew then I had to get  all my clients on it.  I decided to anchor six of them in my house and create a small home studio. I  wanted to train multiple clients so I could bring the price down from personal training to small group training. I needed to reach as many people as I could because I passionately believed in this type of training.  I stayed dedicated to this vision and year after year my business started getting busier until my classes were full every week. I have some of the most dedicated clients.  They have seen amazing results and love it.  I am so happy that Vicky has given me the chance to reach even more clients and empower them. This is my life’s work, and I will never stop growing as a trainer, mother, and a health mentor.

“Fitness has greatly affected my life in such a positive way and knowing that I am taking good care of myself is my insurance for longevity.  Everyone deserves to feel empowered and exercise is the greatest tool for that.  Don’t stay in your comfort zone.”- Rachel Kowal