Rachel’s New Barre Mesocycle

Why pay for a Personal Trainer when you can just switch up your workouts with me at 8:30.  The Mesocycle  program phases eliminate training plateaus and keep you moving toward the goals in mind.

Explanations of the different formats

-What is HIIT? HIIT stands for High Intensity Interval Training. What does all that mean? It means that you work for specific times and active rest for specific times the entire workout. For this program this is going to be the corner stone of the week. It is the metabolism changer of the week. All eating patterns in the week are designed to support performance on this day.

-What is Revere Mat? Reverse Mat is a barre class that begins with Core Incineration! We warm the body at the very center then work backwards so we end with arms. This is great class for people suffering from plantar fasciitis because we are off of our feet giving them a rest.

-What is Mash up? This can be anything. It is my pick of any combination or format, a total surprise!

-What is Isometrics Only? Heavy Thera band exercises to inhibit range of motion and strengthen deep into the joints.

-What is Deja Vu? Are we seeing double? No this class is actually 2 half classes. We learn the workout that takes 30 min, then we come back to the top and start again with more weight added if you desire. The concept is for mastery of the movement and therefore you can make it more intense the second time through.

-What is 4×2? This format plays with ranges of motion and requires focus. We performing slower bigger ranges of motion of a movement, then mixing in smaller pulses all in the same set. It challenges the body and the mind.

What is Rolling and Trigger Point? This is a totally free class to Vfusion studio package holders. It is designed to reset and restore the body and mind. It is 90 mins long and we cover every inch of the body like a deep tissue massage. You will learn ways to restore sore muscles through the week as well.

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